Weight measurement products used in laboratory settings require the highest levels of precision and accuracy. We deliver the best quality laboratory and precision weighing equipment available at The Scaleman Company Inc. Customers throughout New York rely on us for scales and balances of all different types. A variety of toploader balances is available in varying configurations, including external and internal calibration as well as dust proof and water proof models. Our high-precision scales provide a host of features and options for data communication. They also perform a variety of functions that include counting, check weighing, totalizing, classification, and formulation.

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Scales used in industrial settings require uncompromising durability. At The Scaleman Company Inc, we carry a full range of industrial scales that can handle the toughest applications. We offer floor scales with cutting edge designs that provide superior strength and component protection. Barrel, drum, and pallet scales are also available; these products feature low-profile designs that allow for the smooth loading of barrels and drums using optional access ramps. We offer cargo lift scales that allow users to weigh, transfer, and collect data all in one efficient operation. Highly versatile components are available as well, including a range of configurable counting scales. Rugged, portable, and lightweight, these indicators have precise internal resolution that allow any scale to perform as a parts counter. Finally, for the most hostile settings, we carry simple, durable, and practical over/under wash down check weighers. These scales handle extreme pressure, including the harshest wash down environments.

Our customers from throughout New York have known for generations about the quality of The Scaleman Company Inc. To learn more about our wide variety of industrial scales, please contact us directly.


We specialize in providing New York customers with the finest industrial weight measuring equipment at The Scaleman Company Inc. Our selection covers a wide range of applications, including heavy capacity scales and weighing systems. A wide range of these products are available for customers throughout the New York region. Our truck scales offer unparalleled durability, with heavy load capacities. A variety of rail scales are available as well. A number of related products are available as well, including belt scales, concrete controllers, automatic ticketing devices, loader scales, and many others.

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At The Scaleman Company Inc, our history of distributing the best quality scales in New York extends back to 1961. We are proud to serve the New York region with scales for many different applications, including the medical and health industries. A wide variety of products are available, including digital, mechanical, and wheelchair scales. We offer digital scales in eye-level, waist-level, and floor level models with a full range of features, including easy transmission of data to external digital devices. Mechanical scales are still in wide use in hospitals and clinics, and are available in models featuring sturdy construction, a removable base cover for easier cleaning, and uncompromising accuracy. We also provide single and dual ramp wheel chair scales with features that provide adjustment for involuntary movement. Other available models include bariatric, chair, and home health scales.

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With a history that goes back nearly 55 years, we have developed a strong reputation for distributing high quality weight measurement products at The Scaleman Company Inc. We are not only well known for our deep level of expertise, but also for providing the latest technologies, including a full line of custom/automation process control products. We serve as major weight product supplier for clientele in the New York region. A full range of load cell and weigh module products are available that suit a diverse variety of industrial environments and loading conditions.

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Customers throughout New York rely on us at The Scaleman Company Inc. for our truly diverse selection of weight measurement equipment. The Scaleman Company Inc contains a full range of cast iron test weights as well, which are applicable for scale calibration to multiple standards, including all Classes, and NIST Class F.

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